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Intravenous (IV) therapy is a medical intervention in which fluids, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and at times medications are delivered directly into a person's bloodstream through an IV drip. IV Therapy boasts benefits such as boosting energy, improving immune function, enhancing mood, promoting better sleep, increasing athleticism, and more.

It is very easy to make an appointment! Just call or text 813-945-2889 to speak directly with a nurse and schedule your appointment. Most times we can make it out the same day!

Oasis IV Therapy is a mobile based IV therapy company, however we do also work out of the Oasis of Hope wellness center at times in St. Petersburg and can accommodate clients there whenever needed!

Please see the homepage of this website and scroll down to see all of the IVs we offer with prices. There are NO travel fees that apply for south and central Tampa and St. Pete. Travel Fees may apply for areas further out, please see the locations services page for additional information.

IV therapy is often used to help with dehydration, fatigue, low energy levels, vitamin deficiencies, hangovers, and to support overall wellness. It can also be customized to target a client’s specific health concerns.

Yes, when it is administered by trained professionals, IV therapy is generally considered very safe. The ingredients used are carefully selected, protocols are written by a medical doctor, and the procedure is carried out in a clean environment with sterile equipment to minimize the risk of infection. There are certain conditions that may rule you out from receiving an IV in which you are screened for. At Oasis IV Therapy, only experienced Registered Nurses are performing the IVs.

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